Atelier Tron is a sustainable brand that mixes our passion for art, design, fashion and architecture into a series of objects that are intended to educate towards being good to ourselves and to the world.

We pass each day living beautifully and loving ourselves. 

We want to save the world bit by bit, because we know that saving it entirely is not in our hands. But we also believe that our products can educate against bad practices and mass consumption and raise awareness to the real problems that are now being discussed.

Our products speak about how they were made, where, by whom, from which materials and where do those materials come from and how they were made. Every product is made by us with love and care in a small studio in Romania. We source our materials from local producers that believe in our values and in the quality of the materials they produce. We work with cotton, linen, silk, burgundy, wool, all woven in different ways.

Our challenge every day is to live in a consumerist society while staying true to sustainability and being patient.