b(.)(.)b project

b(.)(.)b project is the first work of Atelier Tron. It is also the project that got us to love textiles and discovered that this is our language.

 It's defined by a collection of T-shirts, hand made using quality materials, architectural patterns and decorations such as screen prints or embroidery. These objects tell a story about sustainability, fair trade, transparency, local production, real bodies, self trust and slow fashion.


The ideal behind Atelier Tron’s work and b(.)(.)b project is to create a business that can use its power to solve social problems. The products we create are both playful and serious, as they tell a story about prejudice and tabu subjects, such as parts of the human body. We want to make a statement and teach people that our body deserves our respect and gratitude and we can show it without sexualising it. Although the message is genderless, this project focuses more on the problems of woman, both prejudicial and health related.



bOOb project begun with the need of expressing the struggles of a girl trying to understand her body. It started as a playful exercise of giving value to the human body in all its different shapes and realities. It is an expression of self love and strength that believes in natural human beauty. Our bodies should be appreciated for allowing us to be alive every day and not hated for not being perfect. We believe ideal does not exist and beauty comes from the wonderful imperfections. 


The name

The word ‘boob’ is defined first as an embarrassing mistake or a stupid person, and only as a second informal meaning as a woman’s breast. We want to emphasise that no matter the gender, there is nothing to be ashamed of about our bodies. We encourage letting go and accepting yourself as who you are.


Our mission

We aspire to the most authentic and honest translation of our body by turning the self-awareness into confidence through the way we dress. bOOb project is about understanding the human body through sustainable angles.  Gender is how we feel not how we are expected to be.