The way we strive to live, personally and professionally


We love. 

We are grateful.

We dance and we let go.

We breathe and relax.

We smile and say hello.

We draw and we share our feelings.

We run and clear our minds.

We swim and value water.

We do what we love and we love what we do.

We are sorry and we move on.

We do not have regrets.

When nothing works, we do sports.

We do yoga to heal.

We live in the present.

We have fun.

We are brave.

We are saving the world bit by bit.

We bike.

We are curious.

We have friends and they are our world.

We have families and they are our universe.

We are ambitious.

We are proud to be local.

We work with love.

We live beautifully.

We don’t waste.

We recycle.

We love cats.

We grow plants.

We go to the farmers market.

We cook for others.

We care for others.

We respect nature.

We give affection and nurture.

We receive and feel nurtured.

We think about our environment.

We encourage tradition.

We care for our mothers.

We think about the next generation.

We share our feelings.

We are fair.

We empower women.

We respect men.

We tell stories.

We are positive.

We spread love.

We do not judge.

We do not hate.

We play with kids.

We play with ourselves.

We are creative.

We are positive.

We explore our own aspirations.

We’re passionate about art.

We believe in real bodies.

We are travellers.

We want to get better for us, not for others.

We are not afraid to be happy.

We believe in equality.

We believe that we are all different and beautiful.

We make the world a better place.

We are authentic.

We are loved.