Spring love

This spring we started working at our first textile design project for interior decorations.

We have begun creating a series of table ware products, such as placemats, table cloths, tea towels, tea bags, table runners. They are made from our love for spring that we are trying to spread to the people that appreciate our work. 



We love nature, we love plants and we love the season when they all come back to life: spring. The project went from an idea to a product thanks to the lovely book of Elena Stănescu Batrinescu,  that came as an amazing inspiration for us and helped us in our creative process. We were inspired by her lovely illustrations and descriptions of plants that we reshaped and transformed into embroidery. 


The products

For this project we use cotton and linen woven in a traditional way. The embroidery is made with silk thread using the cross stitch technique. We try to leave the crosses dictate the shapes of our design as much as possible, as the main goal of this project was to follow the natural use of the materials.


Our mission

With every project we want to tell a story. This time we want to remind people that nature is amazing and it could be an incredible source of inspirations especially when you work together with it and not against it.